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About us

Ristretto Import and Marketing Ltd.

Ristretto Import & Marketing Ltd. is a leading Israeli food importer. We import, distribute and market high-quality ingredients, finished goods and equipment for the professional (HO.RE.CA) and retail markets. Our activities are divided into three departments: Food, pastry & ice cream and coffee.

Our vision is to equip the Israeli kitchen with technological and culinary innovations that won't compromise the human touch of the traditional kitchen.

We are Israel’s exclusive representative for top international brands.


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Heart Of The Israeli Market

We thrive in Israel’s culinary market. Our competitive advantage is deep, long-term relationships with clients, who include large food producers, retail chains, hotels, caterers, pastry shops, ice cream parlours, pizzerias, cafés, bars, and some of Israel’s foremost restaurants.


Culinary Teleport

Israelis love authentic food experiences. Ingredients alone - however unique and delicious - are never enough. Ristretto brings the complete kitchen, a seamless culinary experience with the appropriate cooking techniques as well as the finest ingredients.


The Family Touch

Ristretto works far beyond the sales phase. Our expert chefs and baristas undergo continuous training so they can provide clients with truly comprehensive service. You’ll find our staff busy at client premises, helping ensure the impeccable preparation, cooking and serving of gourmet food. Because they are close to the action, our staff can respond fast to changes.


Traditional Know-How

We believe food needs to be understood within its original context. We explore food traditions, taking our team to manufacturers’ plants and hands-on masterclasses to upgrade their use of equipment and ingredients.


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